BUY 8, FREE 8, and 2 more at a discount: RM177.20 and 
FM Medium III RM49.90 (NP: RM72)
Large Square Round (3) : RM66.90 
Medium Square Round (4) : RM54.40 (NP: RM68) 
Square Round (4) : RM49.60
1. TupperChef Fryer with glass cover  RM 273.00
2. TupperChef Wok   RM 459.00
3. Steam It     RM 49.90
Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set       RM 165.00
1. Rice Serving 1.7l & Serving Spoon
2. Soup Server 1.8l & Serving Ladle
3. Serving Dish 1l & Serving Spoon

CNY Abundance n Prosperity Set RM48.70 (NP: RM69.60) Expiry date 12/2010 
One-Touch Canister Large (2) RM63.70 (NP: RM79.60) 
B2B Snack Stor (1) RM39.90 
Textured Canister (2) 2.4L RM42.90 (NP: RM57.20)

1. Lunch on the Go RM69.90 (NP: RM89.80) //
2. Large Crystalwave Divided Dish RM39.90 (NP: RM54.90)

Rice Up and Choose Hygiene -- 

1. Rice dispenser, 10.5kg     RM 288.00

2. Rice Cooker, 2.2L     RM 99.00

3. Garlic-N-All  3L      RM 59.90

4. Large Stor-N-Pour   650ml     RM 63.00

5. Salt N Spice Set   500ml     RM 29.60

6. Season Serve (1)   RM 49.80


Modular Mates

OFFER daripada Laman Tupperware: MM Square II (2) 2.6L red cover-- RM58.00

ActivQuencher (1) RM38.90 
High Handolier w Pouch RM52.90 
Thirstquake Tumbler w Pouch RM39.20 
ThirstBreak Tumbler (4) RM50.40 
Beverage Buddy (1) RM36.30
Back2School Set RM49.80 (NP: RM54.80) with school bag RM17.90 with purchase  Thirstquencher w strap RM36.90 
Snack Cup (4) RM25.60 
Buy both : RM52.90
Water Dispenser (1) RM156.80 
Outdoor cooler (1) RM79.80 (NP:RM99.80) 
Small goody box w cariolier (4) RM73.80 
Large Square Away (4) RM49.30 (NP: RM61.00) 
GOFLEX (2) RM69.80
ECO Bottle (2) RM49.80. FREE ECO Bottle brush. 
ECO bottle strap, only RM4.90
Fridge Water Bottle (2) 2L RM79.80 FREE Snack n All (1) 550ml 
Handy Cool (2) 1L RM59.80 
Rectangular Water Container (1) 8.7L RM94.20

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